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Arriva is one of the larger private bus operators in Spain. In Madrid, we operate approximately 14 percent of the market. We also have operations in Galicia and Mallorca.

In 1999, we entered the market by acquiring two bus companies in Galicia, northwest Spain: Mercancias Ideal Gallego and Transportes Finisterre. We followed this in 2002 with acquisitions of Autocares Mallorca SL and Donate Amenguel Ramis SL of Mallorca. Two Madrid-based bus companies followed in 2007 - Esfera, which provides school contract and private hire bus services, and coach operator Autocares Fray Escoba. Then, in 2008, we acquired bus operator Empresa de Blas y Cia S.L. and its subsidiary companies in Madrid.


In total, we operate 480 buses.


900 employees work for us here in Spain.


Traditionally, Spain has a diverse bus market with many operators. However, a number of larger bus groups are now emerging. Our focus has been on building a strong presence in the greater Madrid area. And, having secured approximately 14 percent of the market, we are well placed to benefit from any future developments.

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