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Group Arriva Slovenia is one of the biggest transport groups in Slovenia. We offer passenger transport services for city, suburban and intercity areas, plus charter services for various institutions. We also operate regular international lines with Italy, Austria, Croatia and Serbia, and we provide tourist services through our in-house tourist agency Turistagent.

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Arriva Slovenia transports almost 10 million passengers a year. We do this through public routes on regional networks across Slovenia, and through city transport in Koper, Piran and Novo Mesto. This is in addition to our international lines mentioned above.


We employ 477 people and, with business units in Koper, Ilirska Bistrica, Maribor, Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Ptuj and Slovenska Bistrica, we cover almost the whole Slovenia. We pride ourselves in training new staff and helping them develop into skilled, loyal employees. In particular, we enable young people who have completed or are just completing full-time education to collaborate, bring original ideas, learn, and acquire new experiences.

We encourage sustainability and diversity at all levels within our company. We are also focused on health and safety, improving our efficiency, value and services, and caring for our customers, employees and society.


We strive to be the best employer for anyone who shares our passion and desire to provide excellent service to customers, employees and business partners. We are determined to bring progress through initiatives that will grow and develop public transport.

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