The adventure can begin closer than you think. We have local operations right across Europe, and many of them have apprenticeship and work experience opportunities. Explore them below.

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The Italian passenger transport market is the third largest in Europe, with a large number of local operators largely owned by regions and municipalities.

With approximately five percent of the bus market, Arriva operates urban and inter-urban services in the north of the country. We also provide airport connection services to Turin and Milan, along with daily and seasonal waterbuses in Trieste.

We entered the market in 2002 by acquiring SAB Autoservizi, which operates services to the east of Milan principally in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. We have since acquired partial or entire stakes in Societa Autoservizi, F.V.G S.p.a, SADEM S.p.A and subsidiary Sapav S.p.A, SAIA Transporti and – through a joint venture with Ferrovie Nord Milano Group – SPT Linea.


Our Italian fleet includes 2,360 buses, six trams and two waterbuses.


In total, we have 3,340 employees here in Italy.


Arriva’s future in Italy is very bright. Our 100 percent contract retention rate reflects our track record of excellent operational performance and improved levels of passenger satisfaction. We have worked with local authorities to develop and introduce new technology, and help improve operating efficiency and customer satisfaction. For example, we fitted buses in our SAF, SADEM and Trieste Trasporti businesses with GPS systems to monitor and manage the fleet, improving punctuality and information for passengers.

In our SAF business, we collaborated with the Politecnico University of Milan to develop the ‘Best Driving Tutor’ pilot project. This project aims to introduce a driving style that promotes road safety while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It was presented at the World Expo 2010 trade show in Shanghai.

Six-monthly customer satisfaction surveys in Brescia, where our companies SIA and SAIA operate, have shown consistent improvements. Overall customer perception of services now stands at seven out of ten.

It is clear that we have plenty of good things to build on in Italy. To find out how you could be part of our future, visit the Apply section.