The adventure can begin closer than you think. We have local operations right across Europe, and many of them have apprenticeship and work experience opportunities. Explore them below.

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In Hungary, Arriva owns Eurobus, which operates through VT-Arriva (formerly VT-Transman), a joint-venture regional, urban and contract bus operator. We first arrived in 2008, when we acquired 80 percent of Interbus Invest, the holding company of Eurobus Invest, Hungary’s largest bus operator. In 2009, we acquired the remaining 20 percent stake.

By entering the market through an established Hungarian company, we are in a good position to develop by further acquisition and growth. For example, VT-Transman won an eight-year bus contract operating across Budapest in 2012. To find out more, visit our Eurolines website (in Hungarian).


We operate 405 buses in Hungary.


945 employees work here, across the country.


The regulated bus market is dominated by the public sector and there are around 17,000 buses in operation in Hungary. Privatisation of this market is being considered, which would give us an exciting opportunity to expand our operations and develop even further. To find out more about what we have planned, and what we offer, visit the Apply section.